Shelter - short film
Hillbilly Films
BBC Films
Directed by Reggie Yates
Starring Tosin Cole and Jessica Hynes
Costume Design by Louisa Thomas

"Everyone has a story to tell, and Shelter is a short film that exists within the realm of the uncomfortable judgements we all make based on our own journey.

Shelter follows main characters Wendie and Ash, opening up the conversation of perception based on appearance alone, between two very different people with polar opposite stories. Who really needs help here? Why is Wendie so threatened by Ash when they first meet? What did Ash do to earn his jail time and tag and, more importantly, why? What is their conversation and who do they become because of it?

Shelter was both written and directed by Reggie, and acts as an introduction to two characters that are explored in far more depth in the feature screenplay of the same name.

Shelter is presented by BBC Films and produced by Hillbilly Films."

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Shelter - The Making Of. from Reggie Yates on Vimeo.

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